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Post by woahevil1 on Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:06 pm

Currently we have too many users that have accounts that are just sitting there downloading releases without contributing to anything in the forums, ie have made no posts. These people are in the Swiper usergroup. So to free up space as well to allow people to use those names we have decided to remove the accounts of those people who are classified as Swipers!!! So if you are in the Swiper category AND ONLY the Swiper usergroup, your account will probably be deleted. To save your account, make a topic or make 1 comment on a previously made topic to move yourself to the member usergroup which will prevent your account from being deleted. I sent out an email to all Swipers telling you this, however i forgot that even if you are in a different usergroup, you are still apart of the swiper usergroup, even moderators!! So every single account got the email saying that it will be deleted even if they aren't technically in the swiper group.

So, to clarify, your account WON'T be deleted if you are NOT in the swiper usergroup. So if you are in the member group or above you won't get your account deleted because you have already posted at least 1 message EVEN if it was before the email i sent OR you have been placed in another group for a special reason. I have sent an email to members and above as well hopefully to help explain things.

So if you are in the swipers group only, you run the risk of getting deleted. Everyone else is safe!

Thanks for reading the rant, hopefully its cleared things up, have a good one!


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