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Forum Rules

Post by Unknownz77 on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:09 pm

ere are the rules for our forums . Please read:) .

1. No whining about other people's posts in any thread. This includes
- harassing new users by accusing them to be only posting for the direct download.
- pointing out violation of a rule by another user.
Use the "report to moderator" link or PM an admin if you have something to whine about.

2. Do not post single word replies. If you have something to say, say it. If you don't have anything worth posting, refrain from it. Posting on this forum is a privilege, not a right. This doesn't apply to the subforums "Spam goes here" and "Veteran's lounge" for users with more than 10 posts.

3. Do not go off-topic. If you have something unrelated to a thread, make a new one. This doesn't apply to the subforums "Spam Land"

4. Do not troll, as in, purposely provoke other users with nonsensical posts.

5. Do not harass any other users if they are unhappy about that.

6. Do not defy admins/mods over the rules by splitting hairs on the wording of the rules here. The admin/mod is always right in matters concerning forum rules.

7.No obscene pictures/insults

8.Do not simply use others name/pics/whatever without their permission.

9.Do not spam in places other than the "spam world"

10.Do not not make another account (if u want to , pm me) or pretend to be another person .

Breaking any of this rules for the first time will subject you to warning . The second time , you'll get a warning , AND a terrible , terrible degrading title . The third time , you will be banned from forums for a week . The fourth time , we will permanently ban you , UNLESS we decide to give you another chance .

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Re: Forum Rules

Post by Caboov on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:56 am


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