Other manga series that blow my mind

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Other manga series that blow my mind Empty Other manga series that blow my mind

Post by Caboov on Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:38 am

There are currently 3 series I'm reading that are blowing my mind with their plots and twists and general amazingness. I know this has nothing to do with anything and probably won't be read by any one, but I feel the need to write it down.

1. The World God Only Knows
Ever since that plot twist in chapter 101, I've been eager to piece it in to the main story. It's happening! With so many twists and turns and timey wimey stuff. This manga has kept me riveted these past months. I feel like the end is coming, what will happen then??

2. Prison School
The boys got out. I thought it was great! The best chapter! The end! Nope. It's still going, and with plot so thick, Meiko's sweaty boobs can't even define it.

3. Beelzebub
This is another story that I thought would be over once the objective was completed. I was stone-cold wrong. It might not entirely make sense, but apparently this satan demon has the biggest power the likes of which could actually level the planet. Please send Goku!

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