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Post by woahevil1 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:37 pm

Are you a scanlation group that would like use our work (this will include getting access to our cleaned raws) on a particular manga series to translate it to another langauge? Well, then apply for permission here. To do so, create a new topic on this forum, and then fill out this application form below:

Name of Group:
Series we wish to translate:
Amount of chapters wanted:
Language you wish to translate to:
Email address:
Website (if applicable):

After doing this we will send you an email linking to the works requested IF we think you are suitable.

1. We will be only give out raws to ONE group per language per series. So if two groups ask for a series to translate into Spanish, then only the first group to apply will be given the raws.

2. You MUST leave our credits page on all your releases!

3. Lastly, please give us a return link to the release, so we can help you advertise it!

An example of the application sheet:

Name of Group: Woahevil is awesome scans
Series we wish to translate: Magikano
Amount of chapters wanted: All
Language you wish to translate to: Klingon
Email address:
Website (if applicable):

Thanks for taking an interest in our work!


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